måndag 19 april 2010

We got some news a couple of days ago. There was some photos, both 2d and 3d. We got a small hint of what our child will look like. I do think it´s a boy!

By the end of the week Dr Shivani will do our Triple marker test.

Today we entered week 19. Time flies - I guess we are halfway there.

I have been speaking to the owners of The Lotus about apartments and then Meg wrote that we could go through Shilpi at SCI. Then I sent her a letter as well.

We have had some more great news. We have a 4-year old boy living with us 6-7 nights a month because of different things. The social service wanted us to increase that so from now on the boy is living with us half of the time. It is wonderful and very, very funny. Everything is going so well and he loves being here. He has been with us for a year and a half.

Our latest scan was made April 14 and it said:
Length 14,1 cm
Weight 202 g (+- 29g)
GA by USG 17 weeks 4 days

Until next time,keep up!

Fredrik and Robert

måndag 5 april 2010

News from India

We got a report a couple of days ago and some pictures. Our baby looks like a chimpanzee! So cute and lovely...

Here some details:
He/she has become 11,4 cm and his/her weight is about 136 grams. She/he has become 15weeks 5 days according to growth.

All the parts of her/his body seems to be fine.

We have a low lying placenta but I do know that it usually goes up the longer you get into the pregnancy.

We told Dr Shivani that we didn´t need the two week updates but waiting a month was long! Our next scan will be the triple marker test and after that we will get some 3D-photos! Longing...

Until next time,

Fredrik and Robert