lördag 3 december 2011

Heartbeats - not heartbeat

Yes, the titel is correct.

Our six week scan came today and it showes two well defined gestional sacs containing live embryos. Heartrate 108 & 112.

If everything goes well, crossing my fingers, Alwina will have not one but two siblings in summertime next year.

There is so much going on in our lives right now and it is so exiting. Alwina is a wonderful child and for her to have siblings will be wonderful. I am absolutely sure that she will make a great sister. She is all around these days. She is walking, talking, laughing, crying and more and more she has a will of her own. One of us is still at home with her but next year she will attend a preschool for 25 hours/week.

We have to consider some lifechanging projects ahead, if things moves per schedule. Our house is to small for a family of six. Yes six, we have a five year old boy living with us in fostercare but he is more and more living with his mother. It is sad but at the same time we feel joy that his biological family is getting stronger and stronger.

So, for know, we wait, and wait and...

Good luck to everybody out there in the surrogacyworld. It is very nice hearing progress and very sad to read about failure. Be strong!