torsdag 28 juni 2012

They are here now!

As of yesterday our family is completed. We were blessed with a daughter and a son, little sister and little brother to Alwina.

First, Selma and a couple of minutes later Alexander. They are born in week 36 but meassuring small, Selma
1,5 kg and Alexander 1,7 kg. They are both doing great at Delhi Newborn Centre, according to Dr Gupta.

I (Fredrik) will be leaving first and then sometimes next week I will have my brother and his wife with me for a couple of weeks. Robert will then be at home with Alwina. After my brothers visit Alwina will be staying at her grandmother and grandfather and Robert will be coming to meet his newest familymembers.

Selma, a couple of minutes old.
Alexander, a couple of minutes old.
More to come when I get more information. I will be leaving for India today and hopefully get to meet them tomorrow at noon.

måndag 4 juni 2012

Another cross on the "need to do - paper"

We spent the afternoon in the swimminghall and it was really, really nice. Alwina loves the water and she isn´t that scared being in the water.

We have made some progress in our "need to do - list". We bought a new car some days ago so that we have room for all of us. We bought a Ford Galaxy, room for seven people. We also bought a new pram and some new cots. But, most important we have our Visas ready, so that we can travel when needed. We have started to make a list of what to bring and some of the things are already in the suitcase.

A recent photo of Alwina, big sister of...

We got an update two weeks ago, our week 30. The babies are meassuring a bit small, they are about 8-11 days behind their real age. Dr Shivani did make a comment about their size but she doesn´t think it´s a problem, our surrogate just need to be checked more frequent so that the babies continue to grow.

So, Mrs A, surrogate of two soon to be Swedes, you need to eat more!!!!!

Good luck to everybody in the surrogacy-blogworld.