onsdag 1 februari 2012

An update from a happy family

It´s been a while, sorry.

Life in Sweden is great. One happy family.

Alwina is doing great but she has been having a cold for some days now. Both of us is now working and studying so Alwina has started preschool and she is enjoying it very much. She has become a big girl now, 17 months. She is all over our house and there are toys everywhere!!! Before Alwina we had our house proper and each thing had it place. We have more and more started to be relaxed with the feeling that our house can be in a mess...

She is talking a lot and she loves to swim, being outdoors in the snow, playing with lego, cuddling with our cats and much more.

Two weeks ago we got an update from India. Our pregnancy is going well (fingers crossed). There were three embies growing inside our lovely surrogate so there has been a successful reduction made. Today our twins are entering week 16. We are waiting for our next update and it should be made in two weeks. Loooooong time. But, as said before, no news are good news.

Wishing everybody good luck with your upcoming events.