onsdag 30 juni 2010

A nice summerday

We have had a most lovely summerday today. Just before writing we went to a lake to take an evening swim.

We got an update from India today saying:
28 weeks and 4 days
Heartrate 144 bpm
Cephalic presentation
Weight 1193 g (+-12%)

We have decided not to buy anything before getting to week 32. But sometimes it is hard not to. We saw the most beatyful baby furniture in a store a couple of days ago. We have bought one thing, a wardrobe.

My intension is to make it like a house. With windows, door and roof. I´ve seen some VERY goodlooking furnitures at a store in Stockholm. I think they import their things from Dutch company.Check out their homepage: www.systerlycklig.se and get a lot of ideas.

Until next time...smile

måndag 21 juni 2010

Hi all,
Got a lot of pictures from Dr Shivani a couple of days ago. It is lovely to see the belly growing and showing.

We are entering our third trimester tomorrow and everything is going so well. According to Dr Shivani both surrogate and baby are "happy".

In a couple of weeks they will do a new scan of our lovely baby. If I don´t remember wrong there will be some 3-D photos then. Can´t wait...

Until next time...

lördag 12 juni 2010

Less than 100 days left

According to our last scan we now have less than 100 days left before delivery.

Our full term pregnancy is supposed to end September 20.

We have made reservations at The Lotus from August 28. So, hopefully, we will be there in time (3 weeks before).

We got an update a couple of weeks ago, May 31. Everything is fine and the baby is growing as it is supposed to do.
24 weeks 0 days
BPD 57 mm
HC 221 mm
AC 184 mm
FL 45 mm
Weight 646 g (+ - 12%)
Heartrate 144 Bpm

Our next update will be done June 30.

Good luck, everybody!