onsdag 9 maj 2012

Apartment booked

Now I can make one cross on my "must-do paper". I have made a reservation for our stay in India.

I have booked an apartment in Kalkaji through GreenLeaf apartments. I have made the reservation for the period of July 1- August 1.

If (hopefully not) our children will come earlier than that I have to book somewhere else to stay until that date. I guess it easier to do that when you are in Delhi. If the babies would need to be in a hospital I can stay in a nearby hotel or something.

Good luck everyone with upcoming adventures.

fredag 4 maj 2012

Entering week 28

Some day ago we entered the third trimester. We did it with a bit of a scare, we had an emergencyscan because our surrogate had some abdominal pain.

According to the doctors and Dr Shivani there were no premature labor contractions but some stretching pains.  Both babies are doing fine, twin 1 weight 936 g and twin 2, 884 g. The other figures are very similar so they seem to be growing well together. They have decided to move around a bit, one is in breech presentation and the other is in cephalic presentation.

I am trying to book an apartment and we have decided to stay at an apartment in Kalkaji. Hopefully there will be some more IP´s there at the same time? I will book it from July 1 to August 1. If someone is going to be in India at the same time, please let me know. It would be great meeting some "new friends".

Alwina is doing great. Today has been a great day in our nearest swimminghall. She loves being in water and she isn´t a bit scared. One girl running around and a worried father one step behind. There isn´t much time to relax...

It is nice reading about success and newly born babies and it is sad reading about loss and embryos that doesn´t stick. To all of you, be persistant, your time will come and it will be perfect.