torsdag 15 mars 2012

We are doing great.

Alwina is growing and our babies in India are growing as well. We recently entered week 21 and we got some lovely pics some days ago. We are having aliens!!!

We had some difficulties some weeks ago and our surrogate was in hospital for a week. She had some bleedings and she has been recommended staying in bed. Poor Mrs A. We havn´t heard anything for a week so hopefully she is doing better otherwise we should have been told. It isn´t easy being so far away hearing that your beloved ones are in trouble. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly.

Alwina is in preschool and she enjoys it very much. We are having a crying child everyday when we pick her up. I guess it is a positive thing that she likes it there. Since she started she has become a bit different. She is awake a couple of times every night and she is SO tired in the evenings. But, she is still letting us sleep most of the nights. That is the thing I don´t like about having small children, not being able to sleep!!!

Some lovely pics