söndag 24 oktober 2010

Pictures of the day!

I couldn´t resist putting those two pictures on the blog. Pure love...

lördag 23 oktober 2010

Three weeks at home

We have been at home for three weeks now and everything is just great. We have had two doctors appointments and everything is very well with Alwina. We got her weight yesterday and she has gained 1 kg her first 7 weeks. She is now 4095 g and she is 54,9 cm tall. All according to plan (doctors words). She is a very calm baby, she doesn´t scream that much and she is very easy to handle. We just adore and love her! Look at our beautyful daughter...

lördag 9 oktober 2010

A week at home

My sister Josefine and Alwina

André (in fostercare with us) and Nellie (my sisters girl)

Alwina in her chair

Alwina and our youngest cat Stumpan.

Alwina, a short while after bath

Hi everybody

We have been at home for more than a week and everything feels just wonderful.

Alwina is growing. She eats a lot and has settled well into all kinds of routines.
At home our parents had a party for us when we arrived. We ate a lot of swedish food and had a lovely cake.

I have started to work again and Alwinas is at home with Robert. We are going to change after New Year, then I´m going to be home for a while.

On Tuesday there are some people from our community coming to our home. They do theese homevisits everytime there are someone born. We get a chance to ask questions and they tell you all about childsafety at your home.

Tomorrow we will be out in the garden most of the day. We need to take in all our summerplants into wintercare so that they don´t freeze. We have had minusdegrees already at night.

fredag 1 oktober 2010

Going home...

We are finally through with all paperwork and got the Exit-Visa for Alwina yesterday. We are flying out of India within the next few hours. It feels great! We are longing to get home to our family and friends.
Everything is fine with Alwina. She is doing great! She eats a lot and sleeps a lot. Gaining weight and getting taller.
Wishing all IP´s out there good luck on your upcoming events. It is sometimes quite hard being away from home for so long BUT it is so, so, so worth it! We have got the most beautyful, lovely daughter and she has/will make our dreams come true. Hold on...

Fredrik, Robert and Alwina