måndag 3 september 2012

Our princess turns two...

As you probably know, time flies.

Today we celebrate our oldest princess turning two years old. She is everything we ever dreamt of and she lights up every day in our lives. She is a great older sister and an easy child love and care for.

            Congratulatulation Alwina

torsdag 19 juli 2012


We have so many people to say thank you for the joy of becoming such a big family but person who made our dream come true is Dr Shivani. Thank you dearest doctor...

Almost two years ago we got Alwina and now, two years later, we are leaving India with two siblings, Selma and Alexander. It almost feels unreal. They have grown so much theese three weeks and today we got our Visas so that we can go back to Sweden. It feels GREAT.

We have had such a great time in India. We have been living in an apartment in Kalkaji rented through GreenLeaf apartments and it has been great. We have used nurses recommended by SCI and it has been great. We have used Rahul and his taxicompany and it has been great. We used Poonam with the FRRO-process and it has been great. There is so little things to complain about so it isn´t worth it but the weather has been soooooo warm.

Tomorrow morning, goodbye India and tomorrow night good evening Sweden.

Sending good thought to everybody..... Good luck.....

lördag 14 juli 2012

Update from an happy family

Kathrin from Germany sent me a message wondering if everything is well... Yes, it is. The only problem is one bad blogger...the father...

Alexander and Selma has been with me in the apartment for ten days now and we are all feeling great. They are both eating well and gaining weight as supposed (and more). The nurses that I have during nighttime (sometimes daytime) is very good feeding them and nursing them.

My brother Nicklas and his wife Annika came to India 9 days ago. They have also been very helpful and it is so nice to have relatives near. We have been doing some sightseeing and we are out for dinner almost every evening. We have been to the Lotustemple, Akshardham - temple and several malls.

It is a bit sad that the Swedish rules has changed a bit from last time we were here. When we got Alwina two years ago we didn´t need any DNA-test. That, we do now and it took about 9-10 days to get the hardcopy from the test.

But, Wednesday we went with all our papers to the Swedish Embassy and yesterday (2 days later) Alexander and Selma got their Swedish citizenship. HORRAY... So, in the beginning of next week we can have their registrationnumber and after that an emergency passport. Hopefully we will be on our way back to Sweden by the end of the week.

Some recent photos:

måndag 2 juli 2012

Still in hospital but doing good

Alexander and Selma are still in Delhi Newborn Centre. They are doing good, breething on their own, eating from the bottle and not on any medications. They are just small and they havn´t gained the weight that the hospital says they need. Alexander was 1.960 so he could have been disharged but he had lost weight since birth. Selma has gained weight but not enough, she is now 1.625.

I do like the hospital, you feel that you are welcome and the nurses are very nice. Alwina was born in another hospital and if I should compare, this one is sooo much better. Mostly because you can visit whenever you want and you don´t feel like you are in the way. At Alwinas hospital you could come at certain time and you needed to ask to hold your baby. If you were lucky you could stay for 20 minutes!!!

Alexander 5 days old showing his brown  eyes.

Selma, 5 days lying like a diva. Pink=girl...

Daddy and Alexander. He is a sleeper...

Daddy and Selma.
Some pictures:

torsdag 28 juni 2012

They are here now!

As of yesterday our family is completed. We were blessed with a daughter and a son, little sister and little brother to Alwina.

First, Selma and a couple of minutes later Alexander. They are born in week 36 but meassuring small, Selma
1,5 kg and Alexander 1,7 kg. They are both doing great at Delhi Newborn Centre, according to Dr Gupta.

I (Fredrik) will be leaving first and then sometimes next week I will have my brother and his wife with me for a couple of weeks. Robert will then be at home with Alwina. After my brothers visit Alwina will be staying at her grandmother and grandfather and Robert will be coming to meet his newest familymembers.

Selma, a couple of minutes old.
Alexander, a couple of minutes old.
More to come when I get more information. I will be leaving for India today and hopefully get to meet them tomorrow at noon.

måndag 4 juni 2012

Another cross on the "need to do - paper"

We spent the afternoon in the swimminghall and it was really, really nice. Alwina loves the water and she isn´t that scared being in the water.

We have made some progress in our "need to do - list". We bought a new car some days ago so that we have room for all of us. We bought a Ford Galaxy, room for seven people. We also bought a new pram and some new cots. But, most important we have our Visas ready, so that we can travel when needed. We have started to make a list of what to bring and some of the things are already in the suitcase.

A recent photo of Alwina, big sister of...

We got an update two weeks ago, our week 30. The babies are meassuring a bit small, they are about 8-11 days behind their real age. Dr Shivani did make a comment about their size but she doesn´t think it´s a problem, our surrogate just need to be checked more frequent so that the babies continue to grow.

So, Mrs A, surrogate of two soon to be Swedes, you need to eat more!!!!!

Good luck to everybody in the surrogacy-blogworld.

onsdag 9 maj 2012

Apartment booked

Now I can make one cross on my "must-do paper". I have made a reservation for our stay in India.

I have booked an apartment in Kalkaji through GreenLeaf apartments. I have made the reservation for the period of July 1- August 1.

If (hopefully not) our children will come earlier than that I have to book somewhere else to stay until that date. I guess it easier to do that when you are in Delhi. If the babies would need to be in a hospital I can stay in a nearby hotel or something.

Good luck everyone with upcoming adventures.

fredag 4 maj 2012

Entering week 28

Some day ago we entered the third trimester. We did it with a bit of a scare, we had an emergencyscan because our surrogate had some abdominal pain.

According to the doctors and Dr Shivani there were no premature labor contractions but some stretching pains.  Both babies are doing fine, twin 1 weight 936 g and twin 2, 884 g. The other figures are very similar so they seem to be growing well together. They have decided to move around a bit, one is in breech presentation and the other is in cephalic presentation.

I am trying to book an apartment and we have decided to stay at an apartment in Kalkaji. Hopefully there will be some more IP´s there at the same time? I will book it from July 1 to August 1. If someone is going to be in India at the same time, please let me know. It would be great meeting some "new friends".

Alwina is doing great. Today has been a great day in our nearest swimminghall. She loves being in water and she isn´t a bit scared. One girl running around and a worried father one step behind. There isn´t much time to relax...

It is nice reading about success and newly born babies and it is sad reading about loss and embryos that doesn´t stick. To all of you, be persistant, your time will come and it will be perfect.

torsdag 15 mars 2012

We are doing great.

Alwina is growing and our babies in India are growing as well. We recently entered week 21 and we got some lovely pics some days ago. We are having aliens!!!

We had some difficulties some weeks ago and our surrogate was in hospital for a week. She had some bleedings and she has been recommended staying in bed. Poor Mrs A. We havn´t heard anything for a week so hopefully she is doing better otherwise we should have been told. It isn´t easy being so far away hearing that your beloved ones are in trouble. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly.

Alwina is in preschool and she enjoys it very much. We are having a crying child everyday when we pick her up. I guess it is a positive thing that she likes it there. Since she started she has become a bit different. She is awake a couple of times every night and she is SO tired in the evenings. But, she is still letting us sleep most of the nights. That is the thing I don´t like about having small children, not being able to sleep!!!

Some lovely pics

onsdag 1 februari 2012

An update from a happy family

It´s been a while, sorry.

Life in Sweden is great. One happy family.

Alwina is doing great but she has been having a cold for some days now. Both of us is now working and studying so Alwina has started preschool and she is enjoying it very much. She has become a big girl now, 17 months. She is all over our house and there are toys everywhere!!! Before Alwina we had our house proper and each thing had it place. We have more and more started to be relaxed with the feeling that our house can be in a mess...

She is talking a lot and she loves to swim, being outdoors in the snow, playing with lego, cuddling with our cats and much more.

Two weeks ago we got an update from India. Our pregnancy is going well (fingers crossed). There were three embies growing inside our lovely surrogate so there has been a successful reduction made. Today our twins are entering week 16. We are waiting for our next update and it should be made in two weeks. Loooooong time. But, as said before, no news are good news.

Wishing everybody good luck with your upcoming events.