tisdag 14 september 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Hi there
Today we met some IP´s, Dr Shivani, Shilpi and some more staff from SCI for dinner. We had a lovely time at Ruby Tuesday in GK 2. The food was good but a bit spicy. Thank you all for a pleasant evening and a special thank you to Trevor and Pete for that lovely present Alwina got from you.

onsdag 8 september 2010

All papers in order!

Today we got the last papers signed by our lovely surrogate. By the way, she is feeling fine but was a bit sad when we spoke today.

Later this evening Mr Chawla will have our birthcertificate done, then we are ready to go to the Embassy. Unfortunatly the man we are suppose to work with is away Thursday and Friday so we got an appointment on Monday morning. If everything goes as planned Alwina will be a Swede in the beginning of next week. Then we can apply for Swedish personalnumber and after that a Swedish passport. Have no idea how long that will take but we are hopeful.

Today our lovely daughter is five days old. She is asleep a lot and she doesn´t scream that much. The first night she screamed everytime we turned out the light so we had to sleep with lights on. But the other two nights has been great. She has been sleeping all night exept when feeding. She doesn´t like to take baths - then she screams a LOT!

fredag 3 september 2010

Alwina Keya Skoglund

She is here! Alwina Keya Skoglund, born 03/09-2010 at Phoenix Hospital.

She is just wonderful. She has dark eyes, dark hair and slightly pink skin. She was born in week 38 and her weight is 3025 g.

Will write more later! Now we have to grab some dinner, hasn´t been eating in twelve hours!