onsdag 30 juni 2010

A nice summerday

We have had a most lovely summerday today. Just before writing we went to a lake to take an evening swim.

We got an update from India today saying:
28 weeks and 4 days
Heartrate 144 bpm
Cephalic presentation
Weight 1193 g (+-12%)

We have decided not to buy anything before getting to week 32. But sometimes it is hard not to. We saw the most beatyful baby furniture in a store a couple of days ago. We have bought one thing, a wardrobe.

My intension is to make it like a house. With windows, door and roof. I´ve seen some VERY goodlooking furnitures at a store in Stockholm. I think they import their things from Dutch company.Check out their homepage: www.systerlycklig.se and get a lot of ideas.

Until next time...smile

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