onsdag 8 september 2010

All papers in order!

Today we got the last papers signed by our lovely surrogate. By the way, she is feeling fine but was a bit sad when we spoke today.

Later this evening Mr Chawla will have our birthcertificate done, then we are ready to go to the Embassy. Unfortunatly the man we are suppose to work with is away Thursday and Friday so we got an appointment on Monday morning. If everything goes as planned Alwina will be a Swede in the beginning of next week. Then we can apply for Swedish personalnumber and after that a Swedish passport. Have no idea how long that will take but we are hopeful.

Today our lovely daughter is five days old. She is asleep a lot and she doesn´t scream that much. The first night she screamed everytime we turned out the light so we had to sleep with lights on. But the other two nights has been great. She has been sleeping all night exept when feeding. She doesn´t like to take baths - then she screams a LOT!

7 kommentarer:

Edward sa...

She's precious!!!! Congrats and happy sleeping. Sounds like things are moving swiftly.
You'll be home in no time at all. Best wishes!

Us sa...

She is really beautiful. Congratulations dads!!
Hope you will be able to get home soon.

Stinemor sa...


Gratulere med en vakker datter! Så vakker og så fint navn!

mehdirah sa...

It is a pleasure to see that Sweden is a country which respect basic human rights and easily give nationality to the baby of their citizens... When I think to all I have done for Corentin and that he still is not Belgian at nearly 7 months now!

About bath, normal, she doesn't have fat yet and she feel cold every time she is naked! Corentin was doing the same, it quickly improves with time and finally disappear in a few weeks. And you will see that she will enjoy the bath :-)

Will and Michael sa...

Congratulations guys!!!!! She is absolutely adorable you must be so pleased with yourselves..

Glad to hear your paperwork is coming along.. More piccies please!

jojo sa...

Oh, she's sooooo beautiful! Congratulations, boys. You must be over the moon. :)


ps- we have the same yellow onesie. Did you buy it from Mothercare? ;)

Alexandra sa...

Åhhhh vad fin hon är er lilla prinsessa! Ett stort grattis från Stockholm :).
Jag och min man ska snart påbörja vår resa i Indien.