fredag 1 oktober 2010

Going home...

We are finally through with all paperwork and got the Exit-Visa for Alwina yesterday. We are flying out of India within the next few hours. It feels great! We are longing to get home to our family and friends.
Everything is fine with Alwina. She is doing great! She eats a lot and sleeps a lot. Gaining weight and getting taller.
Wishing all IP´s out there good luck on your upcoming events. It is sometimes quite hard being away from home for so long BUT it is so, so, so worth it! We have got the most beautyful, lovely daughter and she has/will make our dreams come true. Hold on...

Fredrik, Robert and Alwina

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Edward sa...

Congrats!!!! Finally all in order. Hope the Indian Gov't plays a little nicer going forward to make things more efficient.
Safe travels and don't forget to update us in blog land every once in a while!!!