onsdag 2 februari 2011

First month of the year

Tomorrow our darling will become 5 months.
She has started to eat some fruit and some vegetables. She likes it a lot sitting with her mouth fully opened. But a lot of food ends up in her face!
We have also started to do some babyswimming once a week. It is lovely to see her in the pool doing some floating. She likes it a lot.
For some days we have had a crying baby. She is starting to get some teeth and I guess it aches a bit.
She doesn´t like to be put on the floor so she doesn´t roll over yet. The doctor said we need to let her be more on the floor doing some exercises. We should let her a cry, a bit of anger is just good, according to the doctor.
Her weight is about 6,5 kg and her length is 63 cm.
Some pics...

6 kommentarer:

TJ sa...

Gorgeous! Doesn't time just fly by?

Phoenix sa...

She is such a pretty little girl. 6.5 kilos is big, Toby is two months older and only one kilo heavier.

Kerrie and Mark sa...

She is a real beauty!! Welcome to 5 months.

GEMWAY sa...

She is a beautiful baby ! just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Daddy Times Two sa...


Stinemor sa...

Hun er bare så vakker :-)
Vi må treffes en gang :-)