tisdag 6 september 2011

Alwina, 1 year

Alwina is eating carrots. We usually do this before bathing...

Alwinas first Pride-festival in Stockholm, beginning of August.

One year old. The lovely cloths is from Shilpi, thank you.

See, my teeths.

Time goes by so quickly. I am ashamed that I haven´t written more frequen but there aren´t that much time...

Some days ago our beloved daughter turned one year old. She is the sunshine in our lives and she can make a grey day bright.

She is all around the house but she doesn´t walk by herselft yet. She has two small teeths and she can say some words. The first one was "ks" that is "kisse" - cat. Then she said vov and by that she means my mothers dog. Maybe there is a vet born in India a year ago? Posting some recent photos.

2 kommentarer:

Doug and Bill sa...

Alwina is so adorable. Thanks for the update!

Anonym sa...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!!!