onsdag 9 maj 2012

Apartment booked

Now I can make one cross on my "must-do paper". I have made a reservation for our stay in India.

I have booked an apartment in Kalkaji through GreenLeaf apartments. I have made the reservation for the period of July 1- August 1.

If (hopefully not) our children will come earlier than that I have to book somewhere else to stay until that date. I guess it easier to do that when you are in Delhi. If the babies would need to be in a hospital I can stay in a nearby hotel or something.

Good luck everyone with upcoming adventures.

2 kommentarer:

Tandoori Viking sa...

I's a great feeling to have the accomodation booked, I recognize that!! Fingers crossed for an uneventful last trimester!

Saskia sa...

We may meet! - currently we're booked into Svelte for the 31st of July.... but we may need to get there earlier - but we'll organise that if and when it happens. All the best :)