fredag 20 augusti 2010

It is close now!

Today it is only one week until we leave for India, 7 days!!!

We have made a list of things we need to pack. But we are also thinking there might be something missing. But as priors has said, you can buy most of your things there.

Right in the middle of everything I got an offer of a new job that I couldn´t refuse! Why do all things happen at one time? So, directly after coming home I will start a new job working at a center making investigations on children having trouble to read and write (dyslexia).

At first I was supposed to be home with the baby but I can´t do that now. Instead Robert will be doing the groundjob at home. But I do know that we can be happy with our securitysystem when you are home with newborn. We can be home for 480 days, so my time will come!!!

Now I have to pack, pack, pack...

/ Fredrik

4 kommentarer:

Edward sa...

Congrats guys! You are in the final moments of being able to describe life as BC - 'before children!'

Enjoy every moment that is coming to you.

480 days? WOW, I am super jealous. Here, the baby is barely dry before you have to return.

Best wishes to you both.

Stinemor sa...

Hei Gutter!

Nå er det ikke lenge til dere har den lille i armene deres :-)
Synes ikke det er lenge siden jeg leste bloggen deres for første gang og nå er dere her. Ser at livet deres blir veldig endret denne høsten med baby og ny jobb! Ønsker dere lykke til :-)


Will and Michael sa...

Congrats guys!!! Homeward stretch can not wait to hear more of your story!!!

Doug and Bill sa...

how exciting. congrats you guys!