måndag 30 augusti 2010

New scan today

Today we were with our surrogate for our last scan. It was amazing seeing the baby in there! Seeing the heartbeat, meassures and gender (NOT!). He was very quick with the things when we were near the precious parts. So, we have to wait some more days before knowing if it is a son or a daughter. But, of course, it doesn´t matter.

We also met up with Paul and Renee and we will try to meet them tomorrow afternoon.

We are also meeting up with Shilpi tomorrow. She will take us for a shoppingtour in the area. We do think we have most things that we will need but to be certain - let´s take a walk in some babystores! Horray! Wallet, Rupies and creditcards - oh we might need another suitcase!!!

Next time I write I might be a father. Keep smiling and good luck everybody.

3 kommentarer:

2 AFRO DADS sa...

Watching this space for the good news!

Edward sa...

Awesome news! I love that every week we are seeing new babies about to arrive (it seems!) Best best best best wishes to you both. Take a deep breath, life is about to change forever!!!

Stinemor sa...

Så spennende dager dere har fremover! Lykke til og hils Shilpi fra oss :-)