lördag 21 augusti 2010

Strange comments

Hi all!

Just want to say that sometimes I get some strange comments on the blog. I don´t know if it is something done by people sending it or if it is something wrong? So if you had sent a comment and it isn´t seen on the blog there has been something wrong with it!

The comments then only contains squares and dots????

Has anyone had the same problem?

/ Fredrik

3 kommentarer:

Bob sa...

The comments were in Swahili. You probably don't have the correct plug-in installed on your browser. To the best of my knowledge the comment said: "Best wishes on your impending birth. May your female cows give much milk and be fertile and may your male cows be very sexually productive." I hope this helps.

Sam sa...

Hi Fredrick and Robert,
I just wanted to thank you for your support and kind words over the last 6 weeks.
Have you booked somewhere to stay when you arrive in India?
I cant wait to hear how the birth goes
Sam Everingham

Charliecat & John sa...

Hello Fredrick & Robert,
i have been getting regular spam with Chinese characters which turn out to be adds for various things of a personal nature. I started to use the spam button in Blog settings,


PS - Can't beleive that you are almost there, can't wait to see the baby pics