tisdag 31 augusti 2010


S/he will soon be with us.

Made a scan yesterday and everthing is fine. S/he weight about 2915 g and has a heartbeat of 152 beat/min.

Dr Shivani will try to induce labour on Thursday and if it doesn´t work there will be a c-section probably on late Friday or Saturday.

Do you think it´s boy or a girl?

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Us sa...

s/he looks so cute. It's amazing to think that you will become dads this week. Wow, get ready!

Edward sa...

LOOK AT THAT CHUBBY BUBBY FACE!!! LOVE!!!! Enjoy the anticipation. Can't wait to see your news soon. Best wishes.

2 AFRO DADS sa...


Let your babies know the world is waiting their arrival!

Very Soon you'll be Dads!

Oddity Acres Clan sa...

We need a girl to even all those boys that have been born lately..lol

Keep us posted. You must be so so excited!!

Jeff and Kevin sa...


Mark sa...

No wait, I think a girl!
No, I was probably right in the first place. It's a boy!
I'll check back to see.
Your Friend, m.

Terry & Steve sa...

We will see you in Delhi this time next week - with your baby!!! I say girl. I'm horrible at that game though.