lördag 28 augusti 2010

Newly arrived

We arrived to Delhi some hours ago. Everything seems to be as it was last time, a lot of noicy cars and a LOT of people.

We spoke to Shilpi upon arriving and no news yet concerning our baby. We keep you posted as soon as things happens.

It´s very real now, very real.

Fredrik and Robert

7 kommentarer:

Mary sa...

Lykke til, det er så fantastisk når dere får baby i armene deres! og nå er det ikke lenge til. Mange klemmer fra oss

Mary sa...

så spennende, nå er det ikke lenge igjen, men det kommer til å bli så fantastisk! det kan vi garantere dere :-)
mange klemmer fra oss 3 <3

Amber and Brian sa...

I can't wait to read your good news!

Will and Michael sa...

Good Luck guys!!! Keep us posted.

Adam and Michael sa...

Hi Guys! very exciting that the baby is nearly here!! Just to let you know that we are also in Delhi but leave tomorrow evening....just met Dr. Shivani for the first time and she id a wonderful woman! Let us know if your free and would like to meet up? Best wishes

Adam and Michael

Fredrik sa...

Hi Adam and Michael

Yes, it would be nice meeting you. Today will suite us perfectly.
Can you mail us at:

From there we can talk more.


jojo sa...

Hey guys

So glad you're here! Hooray...not long now!

We're running around a lot over the next few days, but will be at the SCI office on Wednesday around midday. If you're at a loose end, it'd be great to meet you.